Why CAIRES 2016?

If you are a researcher and you have felt that the methods, algorithms, or tools developed by you (or your group) have not made the impact in the industry which these deserve, and you would like to work towards a more effective transfer of technology to the industry, then this workshop is for you.

On the other hand, if you are from the industry and feel that your group is facing significant challenges in leveraging the innovation happening at the universities, then make sure you attend this workshop.


The objective of the first workshop on Collaboration of Academia and Industry for Real World Embedded Systems (CAIRES) is to bring together experts from academia and the industry in a collaboration for the design and implementation of industrial strength embedded systems. The workshop will focus on the most important aspects of such a collaboration:

  1. Challenges in the transfer of appropriate and formalized problem statements from industry to academia;
  2. Challenges in the transfer of methods and tools developed by the academia back to the industry.
  3. Establishing quality control over methods and tools, e.g., using existing or new benchmarks.

CAIRES 2016 is a satellite workshop of the Embedded Systems Week (ESWEEK), the premier event covering all aspects of embedded systems and software.


The workshop will have two parts:

Talks. Carefully selected speakers from academia and industry will share both negative and positive experiences as well as case-studies relating to the triple challenges listed above.

Break-out Session. An interactive session wherein academics and industrialists will be organized in small groups, with each group focusing on one of the following: (a) formalize an interesting industrial problem for research, (b) formalizing specifications for methods and tools, or (c) setting up new benchmarks for industrial embedded systems.

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